Rider Information

Riding with QPWC and the AJSBA, there are a few items that are paramount to racing.

This items below are a basic list that will be checked before racing.

  • Life Jacket\PFD: Correct type for event (AustPFD2/PFD3)
  • Helmet: MX type full face helmet MUST be approved as per AJSBA\IJSBA.
  • PWC RACE CRAFT,PWC Rego No\Sticker\Label: Correct size, number, legible,
  • Race Number: Correct number, contrasting base, size
  • Hull -No Sharp Edges\cracks: Underside of ski, sponsons, intake, sides
  • Bow\Tow Loop Attached: securely fixed, appropriate size
  • Hand Grips: Secured/Not going to slide off
  • Handlebar Pad: Fixed to handlebar crossbar
  • No Visible Fuel Leaks: Inside hull, around fuel cap
  • Lanyard Kill Switch Working:

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